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Different Options of Treating Irritable Bowel Syndromes

IBS actually is a very common bowel disorder. Anyone also can be afflicted with it when they are above the age of 15. The symptoms of IBS are also common with other kinds of diseases and are mostly being mistaken for other kinds of diseases. If a patient is being diagnosed with IBS symptoms, there are some IBS treatment methods that are available. You should consider consulting your physician first before you use any kind of treatment method because it could potentially worsen the condition.


The doctor could recommend you with medicines that may counteract the symptoms which you are experiencing. However, you should be aware on the side effects of the medicines before you consider this route for your IBS. There are instances sometimes to where the medicines that you take could worsen the side effects. Also, the effect of the medicine is just temporary. Medicines are only one method of treatment, but this is not a permanent solution. It is not capable of curing IBS symptoms.

Your body also could become immune to these medicines in the long run and the same doses that you take may not give the same effects. It's even possible that you could get an overdose in curing constipation, which could end up causing diarrhea. This is why when you consider this option to treat IBS symptoms, you have to be aware on its side effects and you have to consider long term relief in mind.


Some patients also goes into depression because of IBS. For some people who are undergoing such cases, anti-depressants are being prescribed by their doctor and also with psychotherapy. With these methods, it could help to cover up the symptoms of the condition than dealing with it effectively. You need to consider first the natural treatment methods before considering on the medicinal route for you to cure IBS symptoms or to lower symptoms first.

Use of Natural Remedies and Herbs

The use of pepperminds are herbs which could help smoothen your intestinal muscles. A slippery elm and aloe also are effective herbs which you can use for abdominal pains.

There likewise are essential oils which could help in relieving IBS symptoms. Essential oils needs to be used always with base carrier oils for safety purposes. Pure essential oils are very potent and this can be harmful as well. It is important that you consult always with a professional in using such alternate treatment.

The symptoms also can be reduced through eliminating fatty foods. Fatty foods are in fact harder to digest and could potentially slow down digestion. Your stomach will feel more strain, which could trigger the symptoms of IBS.

Fiber rich foods however are recommended. There are a lot of people who experiences significant IBS relief in their symptoms through adding fiber to their diet. Fiber can actually help with constipation and diarrhea. Two good sources of fiber would be vegetables and fruits.

There are tons of treatment methods for irritable bowel syndromes which you can actually choose. But whatever method that you choose, you have to make sure that you consult with your doctor first.Attributed by: my blog

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